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Design and build great interfacesDesignbase is the interface design tool that gives early teams design and development superpowers. Create stunning interfaces, immediately available as code, regardless of resources.Get early access
1.25xWe have designed and built products for some of the world's most advanced enterprises - and are developing the tools we wished we had access to in the past.Early access releaseZero to productOur first release is dedicated to helping you quickly transform ideas into great looking working interfaces.

We've built brand new tools to help you explore and develop your own look and feel, get interface suggestions for your ideas, and bring everything to life in code with no extra effort.
__Alex AntihiFounderRyan XieCo-founderBrandon ScottFounding EngineerSam HelpersonVirtual Product Designer
Design with style. Yours.Tell us about your product and the brand values that matter to you, and we'll generate a unique visual language and comprehensive design system for you.1.25x"Designbase would have saved us months of work when we started.- Founder, SalesbricksSay goodbye to blank pagesDescribe what you need and get interface suggestions that align with your design. Every iteration leverages your design system, ensuring consistency out of the box.Not just any designEach suggestion remains consistent with your design language. Every component used is part of your bespoke design system, resulting in a cohesive product.Infinite possibilitiesNever get stuck with static, one-size-fits-all design templates. Iterate infinitely and create personalized design solutions tailored for you.1.25xDesign and code together1Create interfaces visually in the editor using the elements you created.2Get the code for any part of your interface, as simple as copy paste.1.25xFramework agnosticBuilt on web components and shared APIs you can build in whatever framework you want, or no framework at all.Update seamlesslyRefresh your design system at any time knowing that you can update your designs and code effortlessly.A canvas that feels rightUnleash your creativity without the hassle of a complex interface. With intuitive, one-click controls, you can focus entirely on building your product.1.5xAnd much moreEasily replicate data structuresMove faster with building blocks that make it easier to create data backed designs, all while ensuring a smooth and cohesive design-to-development transition.All the interface elements you needStreamline your workflow with all the components you need at your fingertips. Design high-quality, consistent interfaces at scale with pace and ensure every project maintains a cohesive user experience.Always grows with your productEasily customize your visual style to keep your designs fresh and aligned with your brand. Design and build new components and patterns quickly by leveraging the existing building blocks in your design system.Documented out of the boxMove fast in code with complete documentation for your design system. Created every time you update your design system docs update so you always have the latest examples within reach.Backed by the same great investors as Webflow, Gitlab, Open AI, Cognition Labs and other great companies.Advised by a great team with experience at some of the most successful organizations.Get early accessGet early accessGet early accessFirst nameLast nameWork emailWhat are you building?Request early access
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